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I've been recently re-reading Rousseau's writings. And, true, he was…

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I've been recently re-reading Rousseau's writings. And, true, he was a very admirable man; what with his ideas of the social contract and men making laws. Ironically, though, (and I can already tell Grantaire will have something to say on this), he did not help the poor. 'Inaccessible to the progress of reason', Voltaire says. I beg to differ. Humanity, in general, can be very reasonable, if given a chance and properly educated.

And then we have Emile. One of my favourite writings of Rousseau. Education, as he says, should appeal to children, instead of being full of discipline and unfair punishments. ..I was just thinking, and I doubt this will make sense to me later, but there you have it, my friends.
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On December 3rd, 2008 03:05 am (UTC), heaven_spire commented:
For a long time here people have written all, but I could find all of you just now. I from Russia also am engaged in a reorganization of the world. Through one community transtrance_art which has united around of itself fair and romantic people. Your ideals are close to us!
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