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Matthieu · Combeferre

A beginning, of sorts

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I remember the first time I met Raphael. I was beginning my third year at university, he was in my law class. We became acquainted before class started, then went out for a meal afterwards. Then everything started.

It's times like these that I get thinking about days past. We lived outside of Grenoble when I was a child, my mother, father, and younger brother. Simon was..is five years younger than I. We rarely speak, nowadays, however. Differences of opinion on certain things, you know. He joined the army, which, for one thing, makes me wonder if we shall be fighting against him. If we even have to fight. *sighs* Luckily, my parents and I have not particularly had such differences of opinion. Mainly because I don't bring it up around them.

Which, once again, makes me think about the futility of violence. I've seen what careless violence does to people. It causes nothing but pain, and the only ones who can possibly take pleasure out of taking a life are psychopaths. Which brings me to another thought. I shall die for la republique if need be, but I shan't take pleasure in the killing. Take Simon, for instance. Brother against brother. At times I really just don't see the point of such violence.

Revolution but civilization, indeed. But how does one keep the civilization in revolution? One would think that the very essence of revolution lacks civilization. Perhaps. But we shall strive to make a new civilization. A better one. For the good of the people, and the world in general.
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